The Chaos wars

Satan's Chevy

Our adventurers gathered up their gear and started their adventure. As they get topside they see the dark evil that has come to their lands. The clouds are dark and the sun light that does get through puts a shade of red to everything. As our adventurers look around they see four massive demonic creatures pulling a bladed wagon down a gravel path. As the cart gets closer the adventurers see hundreds of arms and legs in the wagon that have been torn away from many different races. The smell of rotting flesh fills the air as the wagon goes by. The ranger was first to spot the wagon and sprints out in front and takes cover behind some large rocks. As the bladed wagon gets close enough the ranger takes a leap of faith and trys to hop in the wagon. The ranger failed and got badly cut and almost knocked out by the force of the wagon slamming into his shoulder. After the impact the ranger laid flat on his back trying to catch his breath.
As this was taking place the the powerful elven wizard was the only one who followed the ranger but did not go out far enough to get himself killed. The rest of the party waited as the wagon went by then got a closer look into the tunnel it came out of. The paladin of the group noticed a red skinned humanoid creature dart off in side the tunnel and the paladin let the rest of the party know they were being watched. half the party went into the tunnel and the other half went to check on the ranger. The paladin and Barbarian ran into the tunnel side by side. The party’s witch got into postion at the front of the tunnel. The fighter of the group took his dogs and headed for the ranger. After the creatures pulling the cart heard a thump they came to a stop. the four demonic looking creatures took their chains off and let them hit the ground. Two of the creatures went to grab the ranger and the other 2 got blasted away from a powerfull spell the wizard let loose to try and by his friend some time. The creatures got ahold of the rangers arms and legs, picked him up and slammed him in the wagon. the bottom of the cart had sharp spikes sticking up and one of the them went threw the rangers arm he yells in pain he thinks this may be the end.

After the ranger is slammed the creatures make a charge at the fighter and his warrior dogs. The fighter is a well train warrior and is prepared to take on two if need be. The wizards makes his way for the cart trying to get there before the 2 creatures make it back up to their feet. The fighter makes fast work of the two they charged him. the fighter turns as he sees a second cart flying there the tunnel the paladin and barbarian roll out of the way but the witch gets run over. at this point the pary know they may be over there heads but its to late to turn back now.

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