In the once holy lands of Gallen, the demonic creatures now rule the lands. For hundreds of years paladin,knights and clerics filled the holy temples of gallen and keep the demonic creatures in check. Not very long after gallen was formed and temples were build on this island a small pocket in the upper northeast of the lands opened up and demonic creature came flying out. At that point in time it was easy to keep them in check but as the years past the rift grew bigger buy the day and more and more evil came with it. Are mighty paladin King Corden new that we had to close the rift for good. The king gathered his mightest men his massive army and went out and slayed every demonic creature they saw. This took 2-3 weeks but the king and his men finally came to the rift. The king has gathered the most powerful wizards and clerics of sorts to come with him on this journey so that they can close the demonic rift. with powerful magic they were able to close the rift off. As the years past the magic barrier stayed the same but studying it for the last 10 years the demonic queen Hezza found a way to get threw but the other creatures were still unable. Hezza came topside many times as the next few weeks passed. 12 years have passed now the last 2 the queen has been able to get threw and has worked up a plan that she thinks will break the magic. The only way to break the magic barrier is to combine Evil and Good but not just any evil and good, it had to be the best of both worlds. The Demonic Queen Hezza killed queen alissa took the form of her. the king not knowing this had a child with hezza and on the day the baby was born hell unleashed itself upon gallen. gallen was not prepared for the chaos that unleashed on that day. with in a span of a day the chaos drove the a few hundered of the surviors under ground. 50 years the kindom of gallen has made a second kindom under ground and has been preparing to strike take back the kingdom of gallen. u have spent all of your years down here learning everything there is about fighting the chaos that is topside and today is that day, today we take back are kingdom.

The Chaos wars

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